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Québec Secondary School diploma, Québec diplôme d'études secondaires,
Québec Secondary School diploma, Québec diplôme d’études secondaires,

Where can I order fake Québec Secondary School diploma, make fake Québec diplôme d’études secondaires, make a fake Canada high school diploma. Secondary school offers five years of general education, divided into two cycles. Cycle One, which lasts three years, enables students to consolidate the learning acquired in elementary school and to begin to think about their career options. From the third year on, optional subjects are added to the general curriculum, giving students the opportunity to explore various subject areas (sciences, arts, etc.). At the end of the fifth year of secondary education, students are awarded a Secondary School Diploma (SSD) that provides access to college, but does not lead directly to university.

Various vocational training programs leading to a trade are offered in Cycle Two. Some of these programs start in the third year of secondary school and allow young people and adults to earn a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) and then, if they so choose, an Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS). After Secondary Three, students may also enrol in a program leading to an
Attestation of Vocational Education (AVE) in order to prepare for a semiskilled occupation.

The education system is made up of public and private French and English educational institutions. Québec’s education system has four levels: elementary (which also includes preschool), secondary, college and university. Education is free at the elementary, secondary and college levels. University students are required to pay tuition, which is relatively low by North American standards.