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Unexpected ways to get a École de Technologie Supérieure diploma

École de Technologie Supérieure diploma, University of Quebec degree,
École de Technologie Supérieure diploma, University of Quebec degree,

The École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS) is the flagship institution in the Quebec university network, specializing in applied engineering and producing 25% of Quebec’s engineers. In addition to its applied engineering orientation, it stands out for being the only one in Quebec offering a bachelor’s degree program specifically targeted at technical college graduates. The engineers and researchers it trains are renowned for their practical and innovative approach. Cost to order a École de Technologie Supérieure diploma, buy a fake University of Quebec degree, buy a Canada diploma.

ÉTS offers approximately 86 study programs across all three cycles (some of which are not offered elsewhere) and focuses on cooperative education. At all levels and across all courses, students study high-level applied research and make connections with industry, gaining valuable skills needed for businesses, organizations and even entrepreneurship.

In addition, students complete three paid internships totaling at least twelve months before graduation. As a result, professor-researchers carry out extensive activities in numerous laboratories, chairs and cutting-edge research groups, thanks to collaborations with industry and funding organizations.

Located in the heart of Montreal, the ETS campus provides an environment where everyone can reach their full potential, working, studying and living in an atmosphere of respect and openness. Nearly 11,000 students benefit from professors’ expertise, personalized support and the opportunity to join more than 50 science clubs and student groups.