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The University of New England is a regionally based, globally networked university that is renowned for the quality of its student experience and the excellence of its research. UNE was founded with a mission to provide access to education and research for the regional community. Through this enduring partnership the University continues to contribute to the region’s economic, social and cultural development and innovation.The University of New England has a proud history of undertaking high quality research and producing valuable research outcomes. It is dedicated to identifying and delivering innovations of value to society and industry, in Australia and internationally, with a particular emphasis on inter-disciplinary research for tackling complex problems in rural and regional Australia. Order fake UNE degree, buy fake University of New England diploma, buy fake degree in Australia, purchase a fake Australian degree, phony university degree.
This research involves extensive engagement in large-scale interdisciplinary collaborations within UNE, nationally and internationally, and is underpinned by five thematic research priorities. These priorities are Australia’s future food and water security; smart science, smart technology; climate change and environmental sustainability; protecting biodiversity, effective policies; health and wellbeing in rural communities; social exclusion, health inequity, mental health, social policy; our past, present and future; Australia’s regional history, regional memory, regional identity; protection and promotion of cultural heritage and our communities, our neighbours; regional and rural development, sustainability, prosperity and peace.