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The university offers over 700 specialised professional degree programmes at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. The university has two faculties housing six schools each that offer programmes in various disciplines of business, management, education, law, arts, commerce, humanities, health and nursing, engineering, sciences, communication and creative arts. USQ has a separate college that facilitates indigenous education and research for Torres Strait Islanders and the Aboriginal community. Where can i order fake University of South Queensland degree, buy a fake USQ diploma, make fake University of South Queensland certificate, make fake Australian certificate.
The Open Access College of the university offers several special programmes that will equip students with the knowledge and skills for academic success. Besides this, it extends over 100 online programmes to facilitate flexible learning for working professionals. Its total student enrolment is 27,563, which includes the learners from more than 94 countries of the world. The university has about 1573 administrative staff members on the roll.
USQ has a vast alumni network all over the globe, which includes successful and renowned artists, businessmen, politicians, writers and actors. Some notable names in the alumni list are Adam Zwar (Actor and Writer), Kev Carmody (Singer and Songwriter), Tina Michelle Tanrikulu (Taekwondo Coach), Paul Lucas Former Politician, Jason Gann (Writer and Actor), Teresa Hsu Chih (Social Worker), Deborah Kay Frecklington (Politician), Atul Khare (Indian Foreign Officer), Shameel Joosub (Businessman and Vodacom's CEO), Preetha Krishna (Indian Spiritual Teacher) and Russell Dykstra (Actor)