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Cost to make a fake Goulburn Ovens Institute certificate, fake GOTAFE certificate, buy fake TAFE certificate, order fake TAFE diploma. GOTAFE offers real world learning experiences, flexible hands-on training and a wide range of accredited courses across regional Victoria. The largest tertiary education provider in Northern Victoria, we offer over 250 courses to almost 20,000 enrolled students. The strength of GOTAFE lies in our experienced, skilled and innovative staff who provide training and skills development to students, industry clients and the wider community through innovative, customised and quality assured training programs.

GOTAFE is recognised as leading the way, providing secondary school students with the opportunity to access quality vocational education through collaborative ventures. Our Technical Education Centre works directly with regional secondary schools to provide students with an important pathway into a trade career. And our new Skills and Jobs Centre’s act as a one-stop-shop for job-seekers looking to start training, workers needing to reskill and unemployed workers needing guidance for retraining. It’s this sense of community that GOTAFE creates which fosters a safe, supportive space for our students to grow, support each other and be challenged.

In 2005, Dairy Australia and the Institute formed a partnership to create the National Centre for Dairy Education (NCDE) to enable a single national framework for dairy education and training.

With University of Melbourne announcing the divestment of agricultural vocational education and training in its rural facilities in September 2005, the Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE through the National Centre for Dairy Education Australia was able to purchase the campus and facilities at Dookie, Warragul and Werribee. The Institute saw the Werribee campus as particularly important for continuing the linkage between dairy education, dairy research and specialised dairy equipment and expertise located within Dairy Innovation Australia Limited and Food Science Australia.