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CQUniversity Australia has established itself as one of Australia’s most inclusive universities, catering to the highest achievers while also offering a university education to many who would not otherwise have the opportunity. In 2014, CQUniversity merged with Central Queensland TAFE to become one of the few dual sector universities in Australia, strengthening our capacity to provide students with more choices and opportunities. Order a fake Central Queensland University degree, buy fake Central Queensland University diploma, order fake CQU degree, buy fake CQU diploma, fake Australia degree, buy Australian university degree.
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Established in 1967 in Rockhampton as the Queensland Institute of Technology (QIT) Capricornia, Central Queensland University got its university status in the year 1992. In the same year, it was named the University of Central Queensland. In 1994, Central Queensland University was the name adopted by the university. Later in the year 2008, the university expanded and it became CQUniversity. The university now offers education to over 30,000 students and is recognized as one of the largest universities based in regional Australia. Students from Australia and over 140 countries across the globe are offered exceptional academic facilities.
The university has numerous campuses all over Australia including Rockhampton, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns, Bundaberg, Brisbane, Gladstone, Emerald, Townsville, Noosa, Sydney, and Mackay. Not just this, the university also maintains various study centers. The university provides research, postgraduate and undergraduate degree, short-term and certificate programs. Study subjects offered at the university include education and humanities, accounting and law, community services, apprenticeships, trades and training, psychology, health, performing and visual arts, social work, IT and digital media, science, and environment, and many more.