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London metropolitan university was founded in 1848, has been 160 years of history, is the UK's third largest in the London region, a comprehensive national university. City university of London is the British government formally approved the establishment of national university, City University London diploma, City University London certificate, City University London degree, City University London degrees, City University London transcript, fake City University London diploma, fake City University London degree, fake City University London certificate, fake City University London transcript, buy City University London degree, make City University London diploma, make City University London degree, Buy City University London Diploma, buy certificate, make London metropolitan university certificate, buy London metropolitan university transcript, make transcript, buy fake diploma, or one of the first foreign universities that are accredited by the Chinese government ministry of education. For a long time, the school is the British royal family and government support. Prince Philip has been to provide financial support for the school, promote the development of the school.

Now the school has developed into London district's largest comprehensive national university and one of the UK's largest university. As a teaching the history of the modern university in one hundred, more than 35000 students in our school, including 7000 international students, from more than 150 countries and regions, respectively, to 1/10 of the total number of international students in the London region. According to the British higher education quality statistical bureau statistics show that: our school is the most popular with international students in the university of London. History at the university of London metropolitan university is the university of London city hall fake UK university diploma, fake UK university degree, fake UK university certificate, fake UK university transcript, buy degree, make UK university diploma, make UK university degree, Buy UK university Diploma, buy UK university certificate, make certificate,  (now the city of London campus) and the university of north London (now the north campus) on August 1, 2002, the merger, and created the history of the British national university, two universities merger precedent. Before the merger, both universities have a long history, respectively in the north and east London to provide the high quality education service.