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Nijmegen is located in the city of Nijmegen in the southeastern Netherlands. It was founded in 1923 and is a comprehensive university with 8 colleges, 45 different majors and 12,500 students. Nearly a hundred years of development of the school created a thick cultural heritage and strong academic atmosphere, while Nijmegen University is also among the European elite schools. As the school is quite innovative in the construction of teaching, pay attention to teacher-student interaction, innovative teaching methods, academic progress, making the school in many areas of fruitful. The student apartments are conveniently located near the school and the apartments are fully equipped. Student housing is not only economical and practical shared room there are unique style between the units. The teachers of the International Office of the School are enthusiastic about arranging accommodation for the international students, so as to provide the students with the maximum service. The Netherlands Arnhem-Nijmegen University is a well-known public university affiliated to the Dutch Ministry of Education and one of the largest universities in the Netherlands. Its engineering and technology teaching has been in a leading position. More than 18,000 students in the school, 1,700 faculty members. School of Engineering, School of Economics, School of Education, School of Behavioral Sciences, School of Information and Communication and School of Social Science and Health Sciences. One of the engineering college or the Netherlands well-known scientific and technological innovation center, with many multinational companies to maintain close contact. The school can provide more than 40 full-time undergraduate courses and more than 200 graduate professional courses. All courses are taught in English. The university also has close relationships with universities around the world, including the Groningen Higher Professional University. The school's new teaching building equipped with learning center, opening up the computer facilities and for the group to use the learning room, learning equipment, advanced.