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University of Utrecht (Dutch: Universiteit Utrecht), the Netherlands one of the oldest universities, but also one of the largest universities in Europe. University of Utrecht is located in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands, founded in March 26, 1636. In 2004, there were 26,787 students and 8,224 faculty members, of whom 570 were professors. University of Utrecht is the strongest comprehensive university in the Netherlands, is also one of the best research universities in Europe. In 2012, it ranked first in the Netherlands, sixth in Europe, the world's thirty-sixth. Utrecht University has a strong research strength, high-quality educational standards, and good academic reputation and reputation in Europe. University of Utrecht In addition to the Faculty of Law, the School of Economics and its affiliated UCU are located within and outside the city of Utrecht. The rest of the Academy, including the Library, is located in the Uithof area on the east side of the city. The school's mission is: to provide science and other fields of knowledge education; to carry out scientific and research in various fields; to provide services to the community.UW, a total of 12 colleges. In addition to the technical and agricultural engineering courses offered by the universities in the Netherlands, Udon is able to offer courses in almost all areas of knowledge and is the most comprehensive university in the Netherlands. At the same time the House also carried out a wide range of research work in the European Research University Union.