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Monmouth University is a higher education institution located in Monmouth County, NJ. In 2021, the most popular Bachelors Degree concentrations at Monmouth University were General Business Administration & Management (369 degrees awarded), Speech Communication & Rhetoric (99 degrees), and General Health Services (91 degrees), where to order a Monmouth University diploma, replica Monmouth University certificate, order a fake US diploma.

In 2021, 1,789 degrees were awarded across all undergraduate and graduate programs at Monmouth University. 66.6% of these degrees were awarded to women, and 33.4% awarded men. The most common race/ethnicity group of degree recipients was white (1,288 degrees), 5.99 times more than then the next closest race/ethnicity group, hispanic or latino (215 degrees).

The median undergraduate tuition at Monmouth University is $40,968, which is $17,784 more than the national average for Masters Colleges and Universities ($23,184). In 2021 Monmouth University had an average net price — the price paid after factoring in grants and loans — of $29,059. Between 2020 and 2021, the average net price of Monmouth University grew by 8.02%.

Average net price is calculated from full-time beginning undergraduate students who were awarded a grant or scholarship from federal, state or local governments, or the institution. 98% of undergraduate students at Monmouth University received financial aid through grants or loans in 2021. This represents a growth of 0% with respect to 2020, when 98% of undergraduate students received financial aid.