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Steps to order fake Humboldt State University diploma, buy Cal Poly Humboldt diploma, buy fake diploma in California, order fake Cal Poly diploma certificate. Humboldt State University is a part of the California State University System located in Arcata, California. The Humboldt State University Advancement Foundation (HSUAF) oversees the endowment and uses negative screening to reduce its investments in harmful industries.

In 2013, students approached the HSUAF at an associated students meeting to advocate for divestment from fossil fuels. In response, the HSUAF took many steps to advance its tradition of environmental sustainability. The Social and Environmentally Responsible Offset Policy (SEROP) was adopted in April of 2014, making HSU the first state University in the US to commit to full fossil fuel divestment. That same year, the HSUAF decided to direct 10% of its portfolio to green funds and explored creating a “Green Challenge,” allowing for another 10% of the portfolio to be shifted to green funds for every $500,000 donated to the endowment.

In 2016, the HSU Office of Sustainability published a comprehensive Climate Action Plan that outlines more than 50 action items to achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. HSU also became a Charter Signatory for the Campus Climate Commitment, which encompasses the goals of achieving both carbon neutrality as well as improving community resilience.

A California State University system member 275 miles north of San Francisco, Humboldt State University is set to undergo a major transformation. In August, the California state legislature announced a $458 million investment to transform Humboldt State into the first polytechnic institution in northern California. The investment will go into areas such as new academic buildings, residence halls and renewable energy research. Humboldt State offers three green majors—Environmental Resources Engineering, Environmental Science & Management and Environmental Studies.