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Universität Regensburg urkunde, fake University of Regensburg diploma,

Tips to make a fake Universität Regensburg urkunde, fake University of Regensburg diploma, buy fake Germany university diploma. The University of Regensburg, founded in 1962, is located on a modern campusat the southern edge of a historic city dating back to the Roman Ages. In 2006the city has been inscribed in the world heritage list due to its unique andwell preserved old town. Besides the beauty of Regensburg the fact that theUniversity of Regensburg is a campus university is a great advantage to otherinstitutions in Germany. The campus offers everything you need for youreveryday life from restaurants to a hairdresser and even a supermarket.

Butmost important the university provides a broad variety of disciplines, afavourable student-teacher ratio and excellent facilities. Originally designedas a regional university, it has developed into a renowned center of teachingand research with a strong tradition in international cooperation. There arecurrently around 21,000 students enrolled at University of Regensburg, including1,700 international students (as of winter semester 2016/17).

Furthermore, theUniversity of Regensburg is committed to the academic freedom in research andteaching. The university sees itself as a community supporting the equality ofwomen and men. Research is the university’s principal duty and its foundationfor expert teaching. The university fosters the development of professionalskills and is dedicated to turn its students into motivated and criticalindividuals.

To improve the knowledge and technology transfer between university research and private business the University of Regensburg created a multidisciplinary service facility called FUTUR. It acts as intermediary, interpreter and promoter between the university and industry in the field of knowledge and technology transfer – for the benefit of both partners. The primary objectives of knowledge and technology transfer are, on the one hand, to disseminate the potentials of knowledge and innovation to companies and, on the other hand, to acquire practical experience and obtain external funding for the university.