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Is it easy for immigrates to obtain Australia passport?

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Steps to obtain Australia passport, buy Australia fake ID, how to renew Australia passport, buy fake Australia ID card. You need a valid passport to travel overseas. If you’re an Australian citizen, or a dual citizen wanting to travel as an Australian, you need a valid Australian passport. Every person travelling must have their own passport, including children.

Your Australian passport is an important proof of your identity and citizenship.

The Australian Passport Office, part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, issues Australian passports. You can complete your application online and lodge it at a participating Australia Post outlet, or at an Australian embassy or consulate overseas.

To get an Australian passport, you need to prove your identity and Australian citizenship. The steps in the application process are:

gather original documents
ask someone to be your referee or guarantor
complete your application
print your application
get passport photos
lodge your application and pay the fee
Start the process well before you travel. It can take time to gather what you need and apply. You’ll have to pay an additional fee if you want to fast track your application.

Some countries won’t let you enter unless your passport is valid for six months after you plan to leave that country. Some airlines also impose this rule on their own initiative. It can apply even if you’re just transiting or stopping over. Some foreign governments and airlines apply the rule inconsistently. You can receive conflicting advice from different sources. Getting it wrong can mean being stranded.

Your passport is a valuable document. It’s your proof of identity and citizenship overseas. You are responsible for ensuring your passport isn’t damaged, and it should be stored securely.

Some people may trick you into handing over your passport. It’s attractive to people who want to use your identity to commit crimes.

International airports in Australia, and some overseas, allow Australians with ePassports to use automated passport control machines. Australia calls these machines SmartGates. Other countries might call them eGates. They use facial recognition technology and your ePassport to check your identity and authenticate your passport.