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At the university of Southampton predecessor was founded in 1862 by a local philanthropist funded the building of the Mr Hartley Hartley college, in 1902 after becoming attached to a college, university of London. In 1919, changed its name to hartley, university college during 1902-1952, as an academy award degrees at the university of London. In 1952 by the British queen Elizabeth ii became a full license issued by university of Southampton, this also is queen Elizabeth ii in the throne after awarded the first royal charter for colleges and universities. Cultivate a batch of internationally renowned school alumni, including participation in design of Intel pentium processor John Hyde, as well as the world’s largest cruise ship “queen Mary 2,” the main designer Stephen Payne. buy UK degree, Get a College Degree, buy original diploma, best diploma degree online, BEST Fake degree fake UK university diploma, fake UK university degree, fake UK university certificate, fake UK university transcript, buy degree, make UK university diploma, make UK university degree, Buy UK university Diploma, buy UK university certificate, make certificate, buy UK university transcript, make UK university transcript, buy fake UK university diploma, buy fake degree, make fake UK university diploma, make fake UK university degree, buy fake UK university certificate, make fake UK university certificate.

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