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the comprehensive teaching quality in the UK independent teaching quality evaluation, annual global university rankings, has always been among the world top, alumni include 25 Nobel laureates and many international famous people. The school has a high international reputation: 2013/14 qs world university rankings, the world's 33 (the eighth), Shanghai jiaotong university in 2013 ARWU academic world university rankings, the 41 (5). in the UK higher education fund committee released the latest 2008 British university scientific Research evaluation (evaluation of seven years, the British higher education official rank), comprehensive, ranks no. 6, including "Research Power" (Research Power) in the UK in the third. 65% of research activities, was awarded the highest rank 4 * (leading) or 3 * (international excellence). Sunday times once commented: "the university of Manchester has a respectable reputation in almost all disciplines, and in life science, engineering, humanities, economics, sociology and social science." The University of Manchester diploma, The University of Manchester certificate, The University of Manchester degree, degrees, The University of Manchester transcript, fake The University of Manchester diploma, fake degree, fake certificate, fake transcript, buy degree, make The University of Manchester diploma, make The University of Manchester degree, At the same time, the university of Manchester has excellent employer reputation. Employer reputation qs world university rankings, in 2013/14, ninth in the world. Specializing in the job market for college graduates in the UK Research institutions High Flier Research published in the 2013-2014 top employers university rankings, in Britain, second, and nearly five years only has been top 3 university in UK.

Manchester university library (John lai lenzi library collection in the UK in the third, second only to Oxford and Cambridge. The university of Manchester were born 25 Nobel Prize winner (including alumni and faculty), the amount in the fourth, mainly concentrated in the field of physics and chemistry, buy The University of Manchester doctorate degree, buy a The University of Manchester degree, buy a The University of Manchester certificate, buy a The University of Manchester diploma, make a The University of Manchester degree, make a The University of Manchester diploma, make a The University of Manchester certificate economics prize three, physiology or medicine, there are two prize for literature. The faculty members of the communist party of China have four Nobel Prize winners, the first number in UK.