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Looking Swansea university with a long history, founded in 1920, by the British emperor king George v personally based to build, is one of the earliest university in British history. University has a history of British education more "first", such as "the first woman in the history of British professor", etc. The university's current President for prince Charles. As a traditional public universities, with high quality teaching level and the level of world-class scientific. research. Swansea university diploma, Swansea university certificate, Swansea university degree, degrees, Swansea university transcript,  make Swansea university degree. fake Swansea university diploma, Swansea university fake degree, Swansea university fake certificate, fake Swansea university  transcript, degrees. 
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Engineering at the university of world-class scientific research ability and research, developed the world's first supersonic Car – Thrust SSC (Super Sonic Car). In the making of the world's largest aircraft A380, looking at the university of the west has made a great contribution, the CFD (computational fluid dynamics system) is by looking at university of the west and the British SOWERBY aviation research center jointly developed the computer science department at the university of cooperative development with IBM's "life sciences", has one of the world's largest computing equipment, the project will operate to the study of disease development, provide solution and make an important contribution to the development of health science. At the same time, the investment of thirty million pounds of nanotechnology research will enter a new stage, at university of the west is the world range inner field of nanotechnology research one of the famous university. IBM product lifecycle management, institute of advanced telecommunications, high-tech enterprise park projects such as also makes looking west university in the UK again, and occupies an important position in the world.University with many world widely in all kinds of cooperation projects of enterprises and institutions, such as NASA, the European space agency (esa), the royal air force, bt, airbus, Siemens, Ericsson, Microsoft, IBM, cisco, and rolls, etc.