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In 1957, the university of leicester, was awarded the royal charter is a long history and strong comprehensive research university. In Britain, the leicester university, the university of Glasgow and Edinburgh university, the university of york university, the university of Sheffield, Newcastle, Manchester university, university of Birmingham, such as traditional old school Britain, has a high international reputation. Since its establishment, University of Leicester diploma, University of Leicester certificate, University of Leicester degree, degrees, transcript, fake diploma, fake degree, fake certificate, fake transcript, buy University of Leicester degree, make University of Leicester diploma, make University of Leicester degree, Buy University of Leicester Diploma, buy University of Leicester certificate, make University of Leicester certificate, buy transcript, make University of Leicester transcript, buy fake University of Leicester diploma, the university of leicester to rigorous, in-depth and high quality teaching and significant scientific research achievements. University from social donations, alumni donations every year, the government grants and more than 10 European countries, a total of more than five thousand pounds. A gift to the society as much as more than 500 pounds a year.

In recent years in the UK higher education committee and senior media comparison, continuous research power to keep the top 15 in colleges and universities in UK. According to Thomson Scientific group (Thomson Scientific) statistics (2008), researchers at the university of leicester number in the UK university in the first 10, according to Britain's the guardian university ranking (October 30, 2007), university of leicester in England university research effects on the 10th. In 2010, by the British higher education appropriations committee in the teaching and research of assessment activities, each department of the university of leicester have got high evaluation,  buy a University of Leicester certificate, buy a University of Leicester diploma, make a University of Leicester degree, make a diploma, make a University of Leicester certificate especially in the biological sciences, chemistry, biology, pharmacology, engineering, geology, physics, management science, astronomy, archeology, education, media, English, history, law, computer technology, space technology, art history, aerospace, modern language, social work, sociology, political science, obtained the British higher education committee RAE research assessment data points 4 *.