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Edinburgh university, founded in 1583, is the six, one of the oldest and largest university in various global university rankings among the global top 20 famous university for many times. With Oxford and Cambridge university of Edinburgh, is one of the earliest's Russell education group comprehensive universities. The University of Edinburgh diploma, The University of Edinburgh certificate, The University of Edinburgh degree, The University of Edinburgh degrees, transcript, fake The University of Edinburgh diploma, fake degree, fake The University of Edinburgh certificate, fake transcript, buy The University of Edinburgh degree, make The University of Edinburgh diploma, make The University of Edinburgh degree, At The university of Edinburgh university is Russell Group, YingBu pull (Coimbra Group) and Universitas 21 (international association of The university of) The creation of The member of research universities in Europe union (LERU) members, its international reputation in teaching and scientific research.

The university of Edinburgh's leadership in the European enlightenment is quite important, make the Edinburgh, became the center of the enlightenment, enjoys a reputation of "north Athens". Its famous graduates, including: naturalist Charles Darwin, physicist James clerk maxwell, philosopher David Hume, Thomas bayes mathematician, writer Arthur Conan Doyle, inventor Alexander Graham Bell, the former British prime minister Gordon brown, buy a Edinburgh university degree, buy a Edinburgh university certificate, buy a Edinburgh university diploma, buy UK university transcript, make UK university transcript, buy fake UK university diploma, buy fake degree, make fake UK university diploma, make fake UK university degree, make a Edinburgh university degree, make a Edinburgh university diploma, make a Edinburgh university certificate the United States declaration of independence signatory John John witherspoon and Benjamin rush. University of Edinburgh have 15 Nobel Prize winners, a Abel prize winners.With the British royal family have good relations, prince Philip, from 1953 to 2010 served as superintendent (honorary headmaster), long since 2010 by the princess, princess Anne took office.