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Certificate for Imperial College London, fake England Degree

At Imperial College London (Imperial College London), China institute of technology, and proclaimed himself or referred to as "Imperial, founded in 1907, is located in London, England, is the university of the Russell group, one of the brics school, European IDEA alliance members, is a top of the world's most prestigious universities, ranked second in the 2014 qs world university rankings. At imperial and university of Cambridge, Oxford University, London school of economics, university college London and is called "the G5 super elite universities", its research level is recognized as the top of the university of British, and is famous for engineering, medical professional, business.British education has been called the "three pillar", arts Oxford, Cambridge science department, the engineering is the imperial college.

Imperial was the federal institute of university, university of London, a join, in July 2007, under the authorization of queen Elizabeth ii, formal independence from London university became a university. Imperial college is located in south kensington in central London, today, attended, alumni who have served or now at empire, a total of 15 Nobel laureates and two prize winners. Lehigh University, in January 2014, the United States institute of technology (Lehigh University) headmaster's Alice Gast P imperial college invitation, as a new imperial institute of.Ancient imperial college ushered a combative, academic masterly headmistress. On October 21, 2015 local time, President xi jinping is glad lady peng liyuan to visit imperial college. Imperial offers undergraduate and graduate education with a total of five college engineering college school of medicine of the college of life science academy of natural sciences and business schools. In addition there is a cultural system provide taking the political and economic history of art and language course. It is often thought of as one of Britain's most rigorous university gave a first-class degree from year to year and the proportion of the elimination rate is very impressive though it is one of the highest standards of admission at the university of Britain.

Imperial consistently ranked the top in various university rankings in the UK.Comprehensive various kinds of university ranking data though Imperial college,Imperial university specializing in science and it will still be able to occupy ranked the third place at the same time in many engineering and school of medicine, ranking the top.From the world for 2014 QS world university rankings showed imperial total score lower than in the us Massachusetts institute of technology, ranking the second ranked sixth in the engineering and information technology the world Europe's second medical science world ranking ninth world 11 financial professional business school ranked 13th in the world ranking among the best in Europe. The school's Master of Management program Master in Management in 2014 Financial Times global Master of Management in 19th.

Imperial college has about 2800 researchers 53 named a member of the Royal society Fellow of Royal Society57 called the Royal Academy of Engineering academician Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering including the department of mechanical Engineering professor jian-guo Lin of China At the same time a member of the imperial past 14 Nobel Prize and two fields prize winner. 2004-5 year the total number of 11152 students including non-eu accounted for about 26.5% of overseas students. In January 2014 the United States institute of Lehigh University, Lehigh University headmaster's Alice Gast P imperial college institute invited to become the new empire of. Ancient imperial college ushered a combative, academic masterly headmistress.