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At the University of Oxford (English: University of Oxford, hereinafter referred to as: Oxon), is derived from Latin: Universitas Oxoniensis) is located in the city of Oxford, is the oldest University in the english-speaking world, also is existing the second oldest University in the world, second only to a University of yancheng.A "genius and the cradle of the prime minister," said the reputation. While at the university of Oxford, the exact date is still not clear, but its teaching recorded history can be traced back to about 1096 years, nine century so far.

At present, the Oxford with a total of 39 colleges, their relationship with the school as the relationship between the central government and local government in the United States In the form of federalism. Every school is managed by the Head of House and a few Fellows, they all is an expert in a variety of academic fields, most of them have jobs at school. Six must institute (referred to as the "permanent private school" – fake England university diploma, fake England university degree, fake England university certificate, fake England university transcript, buy England university degree, make England university diploma, make degree, Buy Diploma, buy certificate, make certificate, buy England university transcript, make transcript, buy fake diploma, buy fake degree, make fake diploma, make fake degree, buy fake certificate, make fake England university certificate, buy fake transcript, make fake transcript, buy a fake diploma, buy a fake degree,Permanent PrivateHalls, for each religious sect in service), still retains its religious charters. In addition there is a school of continuing education. In 35 college, all souls college, there are no students, only academician (including member of access). Scale ranging from colleges, but are below 500 people, students, teachers (members) from different professional disciplines.

In addition to the college, Oxford University's teaching and research activities (especially the latter), the main organization by division, department is not autonomous units within the university, they are all across the college institutions, not attached to any college, but teachers and students of each department must first be a member of the inside a college in Oxford. Oxford existing 16 department: the department of anthropology and geography, biological sciences division, department of clinical medicine, English language and literature department, the department of law, classic, philosophy and ancient history department, department of mathematics, medieval and modern language department, modern history department, the department of music, department division, the physical sciences division, physical science department, department of psychology, sociology department, department of theology, science men generally no longer points system, scientific men were divided into more than 30 series, there is Division still have some center and research institute.In addition, some research institute (such as the institute of education, to recruit graduate students) is not affiliated with the above division, and directly affiliated to the university. The twelve century, Oxford, is an important education center. From Europe and other places have settled in this, in 1096 there will be some teaching activities. Exclusive activities at the university of Paris in 1167, for many scholars in England from France, back to Oxford.