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Harvard University hereinafter referred to as the Harvard, is located in the United States in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a private research University is famous in the world, is famous as a member of the ivy league. Here out of the eight, President of the United States, hundreds of Nobel Prize winner, who once worked in this study, the literature, medicine, law, business and other fields have a high academic status and extensive influence, has been recognized as one of the world's leading institutions of higher education.

Harvard is also the home of the oldest universities in the United States, was born in 1636, the first by the colonial Massachusetts legislature created, in the early of new public college, is to commemorate the early on to give generous support from the college of John harvard pastor. In March 1639 changed its name to harvard college. In 1780, harvard college officially renamed Harvard University. By 2014, the school has more than 6700 undergraduate, master's and doctoral students of more than 14500 people.

By 2014, there are 13 school of government at Harvard University and Harvard University respectively liberal arts college, harvard business school, Harvard University design institute, dental medicine, harvard divinity school, college of education, harvard law school, harvard medical school and harvard school of public health, the John f Kennedy school of government at Harvard University, graduate school of engineering and applied sciences, Harvard University, harvard college and the other is equipped with Radcliffe advanced research institute, in a total of 46 undergraduate programs, 134 graduate students enrollment; The undergraduate education main body shall be borne by the harvard college.