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* Princeton University degree, fake USA university diploma

Princeton University located in Princeton, New Jersey, is a famous in the world of private research University in the United States, eight is one of the ivy league. School founded in New Jersey in 1746, Elizabeth town, is formed in the colonial fourth in the United States institute of higher education, was named "college", New Jersey, 1747 moved to New Jersey, 1756 moved to Princeton, and officially changed its name to Princeton university in 1896. Although the old name is "New Jersey college", but it has to do with today is located in the nearby town of Ewing (Ewing Township) there is no relationship between "New Jersey college". It was first Presbyterian education institutions, but school never have direct contact with any religious institutions. Princeton university ranked sixth in the 2013 world university rankings, the latest U.S. universities ranked first.

Princeton is located in between New York and Philadelphia, is a distinctive rural city. Town is located in New Jersey southwest of Delaware plain, the area is about 7 square kilometers, east lake Carnegie, Delaware river in the west. Princeton scenery elegant, yellowing around trees, green grass, the clear river water flowing around town; Princeton. It had about 30000 people, mostly wealthy citizens life; Town traffic convenience, distance and fee at Princeton university in New York just about 1 hour, plus a small quiet and peaceful life, thick cultural atmosphere aristocratic under dark, make Princeton glitterati favour to live in the United States. Princeton university is a long history of higher learning, the fifth (first to Harvard University, is the college of William and Mary, the third for Yale university, the fourth for the university of Pennsylvania, these are the top universities in the United States).