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University of Groningen diploma, How to buy European degree?

The University of Groningen has long been a center of science, culture, trade and industry in northern Holland. Its history can be traced back nearly 1000 years ago, built with strong Dutch characteristics. Here beautiful, pleasant weather, convenient traffic. People are young and energetic, nearly half of the population is under 35 years of age. University of Groningen was founded in 1614, is one of the oldest universities in Europe. University of Groningen is a long history and always in the forefront of international education university. Since its inception, the school has attracted a large number of foreign students and experts and scholars, through the exchange of new ideas and new experiences, resulting in a number of academic fields in the professional influence of the theory. Over the past four centuries, the University of Groningen has trained more than 100,000 talented people, more than 90 countries around the world, including Nobel Prize winners, government officials, business elites, academic giants. In order to meet the evolving social needs, the University of Groningen to develop and change as the main theme, constantly expanding new areas of education and scientific research, reform of teaching and research mechanisms to make school education more practical, social services, employment and employment of graduates Get a substantial increase. The University of Groningen is a member of the European COIMBRA Group, which is the co-operative organization of 33 universities in Europe. In addition, the university has established academic exchanges with dozens of prestigious universities outside the EU, including Tsinghua University in China And Fudan University.