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University of Rotterdam (Erasmus University / Erasmus University), full name of the University of Rotterdam Erasmus (Dutch: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, English: Erasmus University Rotterdam, referred to as EUR), the second largest city in the Kingdom of the Netherlands , Europe's largest port city of Rotterdam, is a world-renowned public university. Erasmus University of Rotterdam is the University of Rotterdam and the Netherlands by the merger of the Medical College and other colleges and universities, but also the only one in the Netherlands, the famous medieval humanist thinker Desiderius Erasmus named the University. Erasmus has enjoyed a reputation in the academic world for centuries and is a person whom Rotterdam should always remember. University of Rotterdam has been ranked among the top universities in the world. In 2007, the University of Rotterdam was named the top ten universities in Europe by the Financial Times. In 2014, the University of Rotterdam by the Thames World University comprehensive ranking as Europe's 20th, the world's 73rd, in which the world's 47th social science, clinical and health for the world's 37th. The University of Rotterdam is home to the Rotterdam School of Management, the Erasmus School of Economics, the Erasmus School of Law, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, the Faculty of Social Sciences and the International Social Science Institute. School of Management, School of Economics and School of Medicine in the Netherlands in the first position. EUR certificate, buy a fake Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam degree, EUR certificate, Buy EUR degree certificate, buy EUR diploma cert, buy a degree, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam degrees, In particular, the Rotterdam School of Management is the highest institution of Dutch business school in the Netherlands, known as Harvard in Europe, in absolute first place, ranked the top three in Europe, the top journal in the International Business School published the number of long-term European first .