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Linköpings universitet diploma, buy LiU fake degree Sweden

Founded in 1960 as an independent college, Linköping University was established as a university by the government in 1975, and began to establish the North Xueping campus in the neighboring city of Norrköping in the 1990s. The university is the youngest of the six Swedish universities. Linkoping University has three colleges: the Polytechnic, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Liberal Arts. Its Institute of Science and Engineering usually by the "Link Xueping Polytechnic Institute (LITH, established in 1969)," the name of foreign enrollment; its medical department from the eighties of last century by the "Medical University" Lin Xueping University Valla (Valla) Come. In addition, the school actually also has a de facto separate education colleges, but not formally separate the formation of the administrative institution. Linkoping University's motto is "Expanding Reality". Linkoping University is one of Sweden's largest institutions of higher learning. Most of the students enrolled in the Linkoping campus live in the student hostel located in the Ryd district of Linkoping. In 2005, the school has about 28,000 students and 3,500 faculty, non-doctoral students in 26,757 people, 1418 doctoral students. Linkoping University is one of the top universities in Europe (see rankings). Lin Xueping University is famous for its innovation, the creation of Sweden's first computer science, as well as industrial management and mechanical science Ph.D. In general the school to science and medicine and medicine, combined with the industry closely, Linkoping University Science Park is more famous, a specialized incubator incubator business. Professional expertise, it is a computer professional in Europe is the top level, the strength of electronic machinery and other fields, for Ericsson, Saab and other industrial giants training a large number of engineers. Linköping University School of Medicine is one of the largest medical schools in Sweden. In addition, the University has developed rapidly, to innovate, to dare to try, bold interdisciplinary cooperation as the main features, the development of many beyond the traditional edge of the unique educational projects, such as biomedical engineering is a national research center.