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Temple University is located in the east coast of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Temple University is a comprehensive university, the number of students about 34,000 people. Distribution of the University of 17 colleges, including business schools, law schools, medical schools, pharmacy, dental school. Temple University is one of three public universities in Pennsylvania. The other two are Pittsburgh University and Pennsylvania State University. University of the size of the calculation,  make Temple University degree, buy fake Temple University diploma, make Temple University transcript. Buy A Temple University Diploma, buy Temple University certificate, buy Temple University bachelor degree, make certificate, Temple University in the United States is the 28th largest higher education institutions, with 134 undergraduate majors, 121 master's degree and 56 doctoral professional. Temple University is a public comprehensive research university, has been committed to implementing the concept of equal education. Nearly 4,000 universities in the United States, Temple University has a strong professional strength: 11 professional ranks the top ten in the United States, make a fake transcript, buy transcript, make transcript,  buy a PHD degree, buy fake degree, Buy master degree, make fake diploma, four professional ranks the top 20 in the United States, dozens of professional rankings before the 100 US. US public universities ranked 60th. Temple University was founded in 1884, (also known as "Temple University") has been more than a hundred years of history, known as the "Philadelphia three schools" (the other two are the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University ). Pennsylvania is the "three public universities" one.  make degree, buy fake diploma, make transcript. Buy Diploma, buy certificate, buy bachelor degree, make certificate, A total of 39,000 students, 1500 international students, is the 36th largest US institutions of higher learning, the United States is also one of the top vocational education center. A total of 273,000 graduates, of which about 7,300 from 162 countries and regions worldwide.