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* Have a bachelor’s degree in science business and arts

Once you have completed the prerequisites (if needed), because of the sequential nature of the courses, it will take a minimum of two years. However, there are some accelerated programs, but this is also based on completion of all peripheral courses outside of the professional phase courses. You should check with each individual school. Because you already have a bachelors degree, look into the community college system, where many of them offer nursing programs. If you pursue a bachelors in nursing (BSN) it might take much longer.

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In reply to the statement "I do not see the necessity for a BSN because you already hold a BS". make diploma, make degree, buy diploma,buy degree
If all you want to ever do is be a RN, then yes, there really is no need for a BSN. However, if you'd like to become an advance treatment nurse of some sort, "CRNA, etc", the BSN will come in handy. I encourage you to think more long term when it comes to your decisions about education.