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Bangor University in the UK Will Shige temperature within the county thought. Bangor University Yishanbangshui, beautiful scenery. Snowdonia National Park and Gwynedd coastline more so Bangor charm greatly increased. Bangor University faculty in 2006 were restructuring, forming today's six colleges are: College of Arts and Human; Business, Social Sciences and Law College; College of Education; Health and Behavioral Sciences; Natural Sciences Physics and Applied Science College. buy a PHD degree in Bangor University, buy fake Bangor University degree in uk, Buy uk university master degree, make fake Bangor University diploma, make fake Bangor University degree, how to order degree, buy fake Bangor University certificate, make fake certificate, At six colleges and divided into 26 small faculties. By 2010, the school has 16,605 students, 8,460 undergraduate, graduate 2,055 people, distance and adult education students 6,085 people. Total 2,000 janitors teaching staff. From the United Kingdom's international airport it is easy to reach Bangor to Manchester International Airport just two hours by train, and the London International Airport takes only four hours. Bangor City is located in the very center of the British position, go shopping Manchester and Liverpool takes less than two hours away.