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Autonomous University of Madrid is the social system of the most important university. School Cantoblanco campus is located in the outskirts of Madrid, a number of research centers from the Spanish High Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) is very close to this location highlights the school's strong research environment. Since the Autonomous University of Madrid Founded in 1968, already have such a research environment. At the time, the school has five faculties (Sciences, Law School, College of Liberal Arts, School of Medicine and School of Economics and Political), scattered five faculties distributed in various regions of Madrid. However, this situation and the duration is not long, because after three years of school, Cantoblanco campus, which is the school's main campus, has been put into use. make Autonomous University of Madrid degree, buy fake Autonomous University of Madrid diploma, make Autonomous University of Madrid transcript. Buy Autonomous University of Madrid Diploma, buy Autonomous University of Madrid certificate, buy bachelor degree in Autonomous University of Madrid, make Autonomous University of Madrid certificate, make a fake transcript, buy Autonomous University of Madrid transcript, make transcript in Spanish, Cantoblanco Campus (area of ​​the school district for more than twenty-two million square meters) facility with the city of La Paz University School of Medicine facilities blend together. In addition, currently there are some research centers located in other areas of Madrid. Since the Autonomous University of Madrid since the school has to meet many famous people, some of them are teachers, some are to do lectures, was also due to participate in an activity from. In recent years, he had received an honorary degree from the Autonomous University of Madrid who have the Nobel Prize winner José Saramago, a professor of philosophy in Europe black Mourinho. Trias, philosopher Carlos Castille ya. Noir and Fernando Savoie Patel, as well as linguists European black Mourinho. Ge race to stay and so on.