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Free University of Berlin (FU) was established in December 4, 1948, the main site is located 柏林达雷姆 (Berlin-Dahlem). During the Cold War, located at Unter den Linden (UnterdenLinden) of former East Berlin was placed under the University of Berlin by Soviet-led socialist camp governance. The pursuit of academic freedom, some teachers and students at the University of Berlin, the original home, with the support of Britain and other Western camp was set up at West Berlin Free University of Berlin, West Germany became the academic center. True, fair and free (Veritas-Iustitia-Libertas.Wahrheit-Gerechtigkeit-Freiheit) is the motto of the Free University of Berlin in 1948 when the school. Free University of Berlin has 43,500 students, including 5,000 foreign students, is the largest number of German students in the comprehensive university one (this statistics in the summer of 2003). Freie Universität Berlin diploma, Freie Universität Berlin degree, FU degree certi, how to buy Freie Universität Berlin degree, how much to buy Free University of Berlin diploma, Free University of Berlin certificate, buy a fake Freie Universität Berlin degree, FU certificate, Buy FU degree certi, In January 2006, the German Research Association (DFG) and the Scientific Committee in Bonn, Germany, announced the list of candidates for elite universities, among them the Free University of Berlin. October 19, 2007, the second round of the German "elite university" announced the final selection, the Free University of Berlin became one of Germany's nine elite universities.