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Leipzig University (Universit & auml; t Leipzig) Leipzig, Saxony, Germany, was founded in 1409, is one of the oldest universities in Europe, Germany is now under the jurisdiction of the region's second-oldest university, second only to the University of Heidelberg (1386 ), slightly higher than the University of Rostock (1419). The other two had been created earlier in the University of Leipzig University is the University of Cologne (1388 –1798 year 1919 reconstruction) and the University of Erfurt (1392 –1816, 1994 reconstruction) have closed and then reopened.  buy fake uk university master degree, make fake bachelor degree, buy mba degree, how to make fake degree online. buy fake university degree from usa, Between 1953-1991, the University of Leipzig has been named " Marx University." Since its inception has undergone more than 600 years of uninterrupted teaching and research, and now the development of the University of Leipzig in Leipzig city of Leipzig city Goethe Goethe statue statue 14 departments, more than 150 research institutes, buy Leipzig University degree, buy Leipzig University diploma, make Leipzig University degree, make Leipzig University diploma. there are 29,668 people registered students (2006 winter semester), the biggest one is the Leipzig University, the second largest university in Saxony. Famous alumni include Leibniz, Goethe, Nietzsche, historian Frank, Jean Paul, and the like. When in 1879 the German psychologist Wilhelm Leipzig University Philosophy Professor Feng Teren established the first psychological laboratory, marking the beginning of modern psychology. University of Leipzig is the medical profession's best-known professional.