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The University of Melbourne, referred to Melbourne, was founded in 1853, is one of the world's top research universities, the southern hemisphere's premier academic center. University of Melbourne, Australia, is located in the cultural and industrial center – Melbourne (consecutive years was named "the world's most livable city"). University of Melbourne is one of Australia's six sandstone universities, a key member of Australia's Group of Eight, Association of Pacific Rim Universities, the Asia-Pacific International Trade Union of Education and Research, the Association of Commonwealth Universities, Universitas 21 founding members and the seat of the secretariat for the global one of the most prestigious universities. University of Melbourne in the calendar year major authoritative world university rankings, buy The University of Melbourne degree, buy The University of Melbourne diploma, make The University of Melbourne degree, make The University of Melbourne diploma. ranking in the world. 2016 World University Rankings, Times Higher Education World University ranked 33, USNews World University ranked 40, QS World University ranked 42, World University ranked No. 44. Students at the University of Melbourne emphasize academic achievements and personality training and other aspects of comprehensive ability, for students trying to create a unique "Melbourne Experience" (Melbourne Experiance). Melbourne is Australia's largest annual research funding for universities. Up to now, the University of Melbourne, The University of Melbourne diploma, degree, how to buy Melbourne degree, how much to buy diploma from Melbourne, The University of Melbourne certificate, buy a fake degree, The University of Melbourne certificate, fake Australia The University of Melbourne degree, buy a degree, Australia is the only one of the eight still refuses to recognize China's university entrance examination scores.